Robbie Padilla is entering into the realm of composing his own solo piano compositions. Most have been recorded or will be recorded soon. Sheet music of Padilla originals is available for purchase at Sheet Music Plus.

Look through the scores down below!

Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (2019) is a mysterious yet whimsical prelude for solo piano. It is written for the advanced pianist who seeks beauty in sustained chords and the excitement in improvisatory passages and rhythms.

Cover artwork by Camille Borza.

Bells in the wind


Bells in the Wind (2020) integrates melody within a texture of sweeping arpeggios to depict images to interpret with our imaginations. There are virtuosic passages as well as a hard rock B section and improvised cadenzas.

Cover artwork by Rachel Lenihan.

Little Demon Prelude


Little Demon Prelude (2020) is a bombastic programmatic piece following the brief adventures of two little demons. This Chopin-Liszt inspired work uses each hand to play a demon. One hand plays a melody in octaves while the other provides a whirlwind of 3-octave arpeggios mostly comprised of fully diminished chords.

Reindeer Antlerz


Reindeer Antlerz (2019) is a mystical piece built on modern counterpoint, a two-chord progression, and a little bit of blues. It opens with rolled chords, followed by a melody that will soon become familiar. The B section is an escape from all the craziness with its Mixolydian Coconut Feel featuring two chords for the performer to improvise over.

Disclaimer: this piece was written on December 25, 2019, but has nothing to do with any secular or religious holiday!